Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Im looking for writers!

Id like some writers for the blog as with school etc. i cannot be on all day every day but when i cannot others may be able to. To be a writer you must:
♥Be following te blog, understand how to use blogger at a reasonable level.
♥Be kind, and active and update (what you know) what others havent posted. You must be friendly and truthful too.
♥Have a stardoll account (items and being ss does not effect being chosen in the slightest) and know about stardoll, club, and the paces to be for sardoll freebies, fashion an fun.

Right your stardoll user under neath in a comment and send me, livvie-the-pooh a friend req saying you are the above (more?) ad why you want/should be writer for stardoll-lovers-only

Thanks load
Olivia.. X

Monday, 10 August 2009

This is kinda weird :P

Once again i was browsing and i just found this weird, in the minishop theres a pretty in pink lamp for 3 starollars and thats where youd expect it to be wouldnt you? But then in the starplaza in pretty in pink (again 3 but still..)
is the same lamp same price. I just found this weird you can buy the same item twice but the lamps in the clothes store, i wonder why? Lol thanks xx

Dress or top?

So in the new (ish..) store basics in the staplaza which i love there are a number of all non ss items the same colour that are simple but great, ive seen a number of people wearing the clothes including me. One thing ive come across is the images
<-- here and below. Some have been wearing an item as a dress as its labeled and i added a belt to this one as below some have been wearing it as a smock type top which i love an think is a great idea, i thought id mention it as i think its fun when you dress your doll but maybe use a high waisted skirt as tube top or the bottom of a top as a skirt with top over, I love doing this and it gets great Gb comments . you are getting more than one fashion out an item and the best thing about this is when the dress is no longer trendy the top may be! What do you think? I love it an give this look a 10/10 Olivia xxx

The new hbs dungarees/shorts are out and there so cute and summery i l♥ve them, theyre great and i couldnt resist adding a few summer items and posting them what do you think, upload yours to tinypic and give us the link! Thanks guys Olivia.

P.s I had to draw a heart as theyre so great and summery!

The new "school" range!

I think i can safely say that none of us are jumping for joy over the new schoolgirl range stardoll have reently put in the starplaza and minishop, its not exactly trendy. But i was browsing as i do and put a few outfits together and made some hideous and added some accesories to others and believe it or not theyre not half bad. I mean yeah, they aint gonna be our first choice for a summer party but still... here they are!
The above is my fave i think the skirt and belt look fab! But the belt makes the skkirt look good the blouse has a bow the skirt is covering and its kinda cute!
A material skirt that i dont know the name of and dont want to and dont get me started on those BOYS socks, the blouse on the other hand is plain and could be livened up and the shoes arent too awful, but tats my opinion what do you think?

Call the fashion police lace up what look like high heel hiking boots, maybe cos theyre high heels theyre meant to look groovy but i think theyre ugly and once again the oh-so-horrid socks.

What do yous think about these items the tartan skirt number? I think i may know, have a go at accessorising them upload them to tinypic and shown us, thanks guys,


August HB's.

Friday, 10 July 2009


Welcome to the first post on Stardoll-Lovers-Only!
I hope you like, to be honest im kinda confused with the whole blog thing so PLEASE give me time to get used to it please join and follow or post anything that will be helpful and of course it only for Stardoll-Lovers-Only! Dont forget now my stardoll name is Livvilola123 add me please but please mention it from the Blog as i dont accept blank requests!
Ok guys thankyou
I hope to see you all soon