Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Im looking for writers!

Id like some writers for the blog as with school etc. i cannot be on all day every day but when i cannot others may be able to. To be a writer you must:
♥Be following te blog, understand how to use blogger at a reasonable level.
♥Be kind, and active and update (what you know) what others havent posted. You must be friendly and truthful too.
♥Have a stardoll account (items and being ss does not effect being chosen in the slightest) and know about stardoll, club, and the paces to be for sardoll freebies, fashion an fun.

Right your stardoll user under neath in a comment and send me, livvie-the-pooh a friend req saying you are the above (more?) ad why you want/should be writer for stardoll-lovers-only

Thanks load
Olivia.. X