Monday, 10 August 2009

The new "school" range!

I think i can safely say that none of us are jumping for joy over the new schoolgirl range stardoll have reently put in the starplaza and minishop, its not exactly trendy. But i was browsing as i do and put a few outfits together and made some hideous and added some accesories to others and believe it or not theyre not half bad. I mean yeah, they aint gonna be our first choice for a summer party but still... here they are!
The above is my fave i think the skirt and belt look fab! But the belt makes the skkirt look good the blouse has a bow the skirt is covering and its kinda cute!
A material skirt that i dont know the name of and dont want to and dont get me started on those BOYS socks, the blouse on the other hand is plain and could be livened up and the shoes arent too awful, but tats my opinion what do you think?

Call the fashion police lace up what look like high heel hiking boots, maybe cos theyre high heels theyre meant to look groovy but i think theyre ugly and once again the oh-so-horrid socks.

What do yous think about these items the tartan skirt number? I think i may know, have a go at accessorising them upload them to tinypic and shown us, thanks guys,