Monday, 10 August 2009

Dress or top?

So in the new (ish..) store basics in the staplaza which i love there are a number of all non ss items the same colour that are simple but great, ive seen a number of people wearing the clothes including me. One thing ive come across is the images
<-- here and below. Some have been wearing an item as a dress as its labeled and i added a belt to this one as below some have been wearing it as a smock type top which i love an think is a great idea, i thought id mention it as i think its fun when you dress your doll but maybe use a high waisted skirt as tube top or the bottom of a top as a skirt with top over, I love doing this and it gets great Gb comments . you are getting more than one fashion out an item and the best thing about this is when the dress is no longer trendy the top may be! What do you think? I love it an give this look a 10/10 Olivia xxx